Bodycount (2011)

Project Role:

Online QA Technician

Responsibilities Include:

⚬ Submitting well-written and detailed bug reports to the internal JIRA bug database

⚬ Providing feedback to development team

⚬ Testing co-op survival mode

Game Description:

Bodycount revolves around Jackson, a former American soldier recruited by the enigmatic "Network", who has normally resolved conflicts between countries where even the UN could not. Over time, Jackson realises that wars are caused by some mysterious individuals.

The game is set in first-person. One of the main features is environment destructibility; nearly everything in the game is expected to be destructible. Environments and most of everything in them is destroyed realistically, creating a dynamically-changing playing environment.

By scoring kills, the player can unlock deadly power-ups such as air strikes that further decimate the environment. There is a unique cover system where the player has near complete freedom while in cover.

Multiplayer is available in competitive and cooperative modes. The former offers traditional deathmatch style sessions (individual or team-based) and the latter challenges two players to survive increasingly difficult waves of enemies.

Key Features:

⚬ AI is class based, each operating diffently and possesing different behaviors depending on the situation

⚬ 3 in-game factions (the Army, the Millitia and the Target), each with signature color scheme and appearance

⚬ Take on open levels in campaign and online co-op and competitive multiplayer modes

⚬ Execute skill kills, build combat combat chains and collect intel to earn combat upgrades

⚬ Shred through cover and enemies to carve a unique path of destruction

Online QA Technician
PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Release Date
August 2011